Farmland Investments from Farmland Capital by FBN®

Invest in high quality farmland alongside the 43,000+ farmers in our network.

The Farmland Asset Class

Accredited and institutional investors can now invest in high quality farmland alongside the 43,000+ members of Farmers Business Network®.

Inflation Protection

Farmland performs well during inflationary periods and has historically outperformed the Consumer Price Index by 9% when inflation has exceeded 5%.


With returns uncorrelated to stocks and bonds, farmland is a great tool to diversify your investment portfolio when other markets are more volatile.


Farmland co-investments help farmers secure land for the long-term with the right incentives for improving soil health.

Our Advantage

Why Farmland Investments?

High quality farmland investments exclusively available from FBN to help diversify your portfolio even in uncertain markets.
Two farmers walking in soybean field

We invest alongside a network of 43,000+ experienced farmers with access to high quality farmland.

Our proprietary technology identifies farms with the highest potential for risk-adjusted returns based on a host of factors such as historical yield, soil type and flooding risk.

Investments deliver on our company mission by empowering family farmers to own and sustainably manage farmland investments for the long term.

Available Now

Missouri Farmland Investment Opportunity

Learn more about a unique way to diversify your portfolio by investing in high quality pasture land from Stockton Farm. 

the process

How It Works

1. Speak with our team to learn more.

2. Stay in touch to learn about our latest deal offerings.

3. Complete questionnaire to confirm accreditation status.

4. Sign docs and wire investment capital to secure investment.

5. Track performance with annual reports.

Farmland Investors - How It Works
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How It Helps

Your investment provides the capital to keep family farmers thriving. This unique structure allows farmers to implement sustainable practices, lower operating expenses and manage succession smoothly to the next generation.

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Let us know how to contact you and a member of our team will reach out.