Input Price Transparency

Buy Smarter, Buy Informed

Transparent prices are a staple of most markets, so why should it be hard to know if you're getting a good deal on crop inputs? It shouldn't.

FBN  SM Members Have Saved Thousands with Price Transparency

FBN members have saved by negotiating smarter with the power of transparent prices. You should save, no matter who you buy from — that's putting Farmers First  SM.

See What Other Farmers Actually Paid

FBN Price Transparency shows you market averages, quotes, and invoiced prices on hundreds of inputs. FBN Price Transparency arms you with the best information when you buy, allowing you to save no matter who you buy from. When you share your invoices, you unlock thousands of real-world transactions, that's the power of the network.

Compare and Find Similar Products

FBN Price Intelligence makes it easy to compare products with the same active ingredients. Through automatic active ingredient concentration matching, you can see true apples-to-apples price comparisons. FBN Price Intelligence provides label lookup, letting you instantly check labels on more than 6,000 products from CDMS®.

Price Intelligence When It Counts

The FBN app puts true input price intelligence at your fingertips. Price transparency gives you real negotiating power with your suppliers, exactly when you need it the most.

Negotiate Better Backed by FBN Direct

Using transparent prices from FBN Price Transparency and FBN Direct, you can negotiate with confidence. If your dealer can't match the price, buying direct from FBN Direct is always available.

"Having FBN’s price transparency as a tool in my belt can definitely help me get the best price for the products I'm looking to buy."

Kelly Kolla

Cudworth, Saskatchewan

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