Competitive Farmers Need Competitive Loans

FBN Finance TM connects you with competitive rates to help you grow your business.

Get the Capital You Need to Succeed

Accessing the credit you need to make key investments on your operation has never been easier. Whether you’re paying for equipment, inputs, farmland, repairs, fuel or other needs on your operation, FBN Finance can offer a loan option to help you work toward a stronger financial future.

Operating Lines

Innovative finance options at competitive rates, covering your full production cycle and giving your operation the capital it needs throughout the year.

Equipment Financing

The flexibility to use financing with a local dealer, auction, neighbor or anywhere else you’re looking to buy, lease or refinance farm equipment.

Land Financing

Low-rate offerings when you are financing a land purchase, refinancing your existing farmland or making capital improvements to your land.

Input Financing

0% interest on purchases through FBN Direct  SM and F2F Genetics Network TM, giving you more flexibility and cost savings as you build your plan for next season.

*Rates and terms subject to qualification approval.

See How FBN Finance Can Help Your Operation Grow

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