Announcing The F2F Genetics Network

Sally Krueger

Aug 15, 2018

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The Future of Seed Starts with Farmers

Today we are proud to announce the creation of the F2F Genetics Network™to bring farmers radical innovation, transparency and economics through an entirely new model for seed development and purchasing.  

F2F℠ creates an interactive farmer-breeder network, so farmer feedback will drive the development of new seed products. Farmers will actively drive the future of genetics, the performance of the seeds they plant, and the yield potential of their farms.  So farmers are not just planting premium seed, they're shaping the future of the seed industry -Farmers First℠

The Power of a Seed Network

F2F Genetics Network sources genetics from an independent network of breeders, university and technology companies, providing farmers with high performing seeds. After planting F2F seed, farmers provide a feedback loop back to the breeders, allowing us to continuously improve the performance of F2F genetics based on the needs of the farmers planting our seed.

Performance, Transparency, and ROI

Consistent with our Farmers First℠ philosophy, Farmers Business Network will be completely transparent with the performance, pricing and genetics of our seeds, allowing farmers to pick the seed that's best for their farm and situation. In year one, we'll share the performance and attribute information we have from plot trials, and in subsequent years we'll show the real-world performance of our seeds planted under real-life conditions.

And we'll be transparent about our pricing. We believe every farmers deserves a fair price on seed, so F2F Genetics will be available under the same national price for all US farmers. We reject zone pricing and complicated, time consuming rebate programs.

We'll even help you understand net revenue expectations (expected revenue - seed and chemical costs) so you can start to compare seeds based on ROI instead of just yield.

Our Products

This year F2F Genetics will offer a range of Glyphosate Tolerate Soybean seeds and Conventional Corn hybrids that will work across a large swath of the Mid-Western United States.

Our Pricing Programs

Because the F2F Genetics Network is based on a foundation of active farmer engagement, we've prepared very competitive pricing programs that are designed to reward farmers who make early commitments to the network.

Early Adopters*

Farmers who share planting and harvest data, and make a minimum purchase quantity of F2F Genetics seed before October 1, 2018 will receive discounted prices. Soybean seeds will be sold at a 17% discount to list price and Corn hybrids will be sold at a 23% discount to list price.


We have even more attractive offers for those farmers willing to make larger commitments to the vision of F2F Genetics.

Farmers agreeing to contribute planting data and grow at least 500 acres worth of F2F Genetics, including at least 80 bags of Conventional Corn, are eligible for the following incentives.

  • GT Soybeans $29/bag

  • Conventional Corn $99/bag

  • 0% Financing on all seed and chem orders made by next fall (9/30/2019)

  • $3,000 off FBN Direct℠ orders over $20,000 made before 12/1/2018

  • 1-yr FBN℠ Membership Extension

  • Additional discounts on bio-stimulants

Early Adopter Pricing on Soybeans and Corn 

Talk to your FBN Rep to understand the full-value of Trailblazer incentives.

Soy +1 (Holdback Licensing)*

Any farmer who buys F2F soybean seeds can purchase an additional license for the right to hold back seed for next planting season. Included with the license, F2F Genetics will perform germination and genetic purity testing on your seed.

“F2F Genetics Network”, Soy+1 and F2F are trademarks of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. “F2F Genetics Network branded seed products and other seed products are offered by FBN Inputs, LLC and are available only in states where FBN Inputs, LLC is licensed.

*Other Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. Contact a rep for complete terms.

Sally Krueger

Aug 15, 2018

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