Community Builder of the Month: Peter Derrick

Mark Wilson

Feb 08, 2022

Peter Derrick operates out of Moora WA and sells parts, supplies, filters and chemicals in the local hardware store to his community. He partnered with FBN™ in late 2021 to become a Community Builder. While he’s enjoyed the experience so far, it’s been a great new way to offer crop protection to the local community. Peter feels a strong connection with the local growers and is impressed with what FBN can offer through transparent pricing and data analytics.

Because he knows his client base, it made sense to partner with FBN and reach out to local growers and farmers to give them access to a wide range of products and services. 

He’s hoping to reach new customers through advertising and word of mouth at his hardware stores. 

Being a Community Builder means he’s giving growers another option to stay away from the big corporate ag companies. He says many growers don’t want to do business with the big corporates. 

He sees price transparency and direct to farm as two big selling points for his growers.

“You know everyone's getting the same price and not having one farmer getting 20% better pricing than someone else. That helps small and medium-sized farms.”

Looking forward, he hopes to continue spreading the word to his local community and reminding growers to support local.

Interested in diversifying your income?

Become an FBN Community Builder today. 

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Mark Wilson

Feb 08, 2022