F2F Genetics Network™ Seed Was in the Spotlight at Farmer2Farmer V

Brian Paff

Dec 17, 2019

During Farmer2Farmer V, growers who made the trip to Omaha had the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with the breeders in our F2F Genetics Network™ and learn more about the science behind our own hybrids and varieties. 

Our team also took to the main stage at the CHI Health Center to shine a spotlight on our genetics and provide you with an inside perspective on the future of seed.

Our F2F Genetics Network is changing the way you think about the seeds you plant. 

At Farmers Business Network®, we’ve long exposed practices like seed relabelling, zone pricing and relentless pressure to plant traited seed — whether or not it’s even necessary — and how this has caused farmers to question if the value of their seed matches up with the level at which it will produce.

And for the past two decades, the cost of seed has climbed as fast or faster than any other input expense in the industry.

Much of these markup costs get passed on directly to farmers, tightening margins and making breaking even more and more difficult.

This is precisely why we developed the F2F Genetics Network™. We are making farming better for farmers as we build a seed revolution driven by four core principles:

  • Uncompromising Yields 

  • Total Transparency

  • Fairness in Pricing

  • Freedom to Hold Back Soybean Seed

At FBN, our primary goal is to you with the opportunity to increase your profit potential by focusing on higher overall return on your seed investment.

We simply want to develop the best hybrids and varieties, give you access to fair, nationwide pricing and deliver more value to your operation.

The F2F Genetics Network™ launched last year, and our seed revolution gained momentum as more than 1,000 farmers planted our hybrids and varieties in their fields.

Next year promises to be even more exciting as we feature an expanding selection of offerings in corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa.

The Right Genetics Have the Potential to Improve Your ROI

Genetics—not traits—are what determine a seed’s yield potential. So we’re making sure you have access to the best genetics that are positioned to perform well in your specific soil types and field conditions. 

Tapping into the collective knowledge and insights of five FBN-exclusive breeders and three FBN research stations, the genetics in our lineup are allowing you to save on input costs by planting F2F Genetics Network™ seed without sacrificing yield come harvest time. 

And that can make a significant difference on your bottom line.

Delivering Traits When and Where You Need Them

While yield potential is derived from genetics, we know that traits can play a valuable role in protecting your yield when needed. 

That’s why we’re releasing the first-ever generic Bt corn for the 2020 growing season through our Master Farmer traited corn line.

Plus, we’re developing additional generic traits so that we can keep bringing you more options at better prices to help you maximize your profit potential.

Seed Genetics Powered by a Network

When breeders work together with a network of farmers, we can collectively drive seed development and change the seed industry.

Are you ready to be a part of this seed revolution? Explore which F2F Genetics Network™ hybrids and varieties are a good fit for your farm and fields and start maximizing profit potential for your operation.

Brian Paff

Dec 17, 2019