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Feb 10, 2023

A broad range of pre- and post emergence herbicides are currently available at low prices from FBN Direct®. Take advantage of current cash payment discounts and Acre Pack savings to save money while taking control of your input plan for the upcoming season.

Here’s a look at some of what’s currently available from FBN Direct (at time of publication): 

Pre Emergence Herbicides

Willowood Sulfen 4SC 

As low as $101.43/gallon

(Contains sulfentrazone, the active ingredient in Spartan® 4F and Authority® Herbicide brands.)

Preemergence, soil-applied selective herbicide that controls specific grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds with residual activity. 

Willowood Sulfen Cloran

As low as $35.54/pound

(Contains sulfentrazone and cloransulam-methyl, the active ingredients in Sonic® Herbicide and Authority® First DF Herbicide.)

Preemergence herbicide for broad spectrum control of weeds and grasses in soybeans only.  

Pre and Post Emergence Herbicides 

Dicamba DMA 4 Value Pick*

As low as $36.46/gallon

(Contains dicamba DMA, the active ingredient in Banvel® Herbicide. ) 

Pre- and post emergence herbicide for weed control in corn, cotton, sorghum, soybean, small grains, pasture, hay, rangeland, farmstead (non-cropland), fallow and other labeled crops.   

Dicamba DGA 4 Value Pick*

As low as $45.43/gallon

(Contains dicamba DGA, the active ingredient in Clarity® Herbicide.) 

Pre- and post emergence herbicide for weed control in corn, soybeans, cotton, fallow, general farmstead (non-cropland), sorghum, grass grown for seed, hay, pasture, rangeland, small grains and other labeled crops. 

2,4-D LV6 Value Pick*

As low as $33.72/gallon

(Contains 2,4-D and 2-ethylhexyl ester, the active ingredients found in 2,4-D LV 6 Herbicide. ) 

Pre- and post emergence herbicide for control of many broadleaf weeds and brush control in corn, small grains, soybeans (preplant) and other labeled crops. 

Willowood Mesotrione 4SC

As low as $72.91/gallon

(Contains mesotrione, the active ingredient in Callisto® Herbicide.)

Pre- and post emergence herbicide for control of annual broadleaf weeds in corn and other labeled crops.  

Post Emergence Herbicides

AgSaver™ Glyphosate 53.8%

As low as $25.99/gallon

(Contains glyphosate, the active ingredient found in Roundup® Herbicides, Buccaneer® 5 Extra and Willowood Glypho 5.) 

Post emergence, non-selective herbicide offering broad spectrum control of many annual weeds in many agricultural systems and Glyphosate-resistant crops. Formulated as a water-soluble liquid.

Willowood Glufosinate 280SL

As low as $53.00/gallon

(Contains glufosinate, the active ingredient in Liberty® Herbicide.) 

Post emergence, non-selective herbicide for post emergence broadcast use on canola, corn, cotton, and soybean designated as LibertyLink® or glufosinate tolerant. 

Willowood Glypho 6

As low as $28.97/gallon

(Contains glyphosate, potassium salt, the active ingredient found in Roundup PowerMAX® II Herbicide.) 

Post emergence, non-selective herbicide for weed control in many agricultural systems and in Glyphosate-resistant crops. 

Willowood Clethodim 2EC

As low as $51.95/gallon

(Contains clethodim, the active ingredient in Select® 2EC Herbicide. ) 

Post emergence herbicide for control of grasses in many labeled row and specialty crops.  

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Feb 10, 2023

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