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Can anyone give reviews pro or con with the Shivvers drying systems.

Am considering adding a drying facility and looking the difference options. Our operation would be smaller scale. Any comments or advice is appreciated.

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Take a look at the Haber Technologies System.

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do you own one of these systems? I have been communicating with these people and it sounds interesting... what size of bin do you have it in? It appears like bigger the better as far as bin size.

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Put up a shivvers system 3 yrs ago. Run around 70000 bu through a year. It is easy to maintain, set up, and run. It may be slower than other dryers, but for us it works good. Fill it by late afternoon, early evening. let it run and its empty in the morning. No one lives at our bin site and no need to babysit it.

The wetter the corn the less you can put in at a time, and the quicker we catch up, its all about air flow.

When I unload the holding bin it all comes out around 13 to 14 moisture with good test weight and have not had any burn or damaged kernels yet.

I have never run any other dryer though, so I can not compare for myself.

I like ours. Oh, with the final fill the corn stays in it for storage.

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I purchased a shivvers system in 2004. it was the 650 bu/hr size had a good experience with it averaging about 250,00 bu/yr. Upgraded to a 950 bu/hr system in 2008. I have been very satisified with the dryer doing about 350,000 nu/yr. It is set and forget, I have had to rebuild the gearbox about every 3rd year, about $4,000 3 years ago. it is a problem when the dryer has a large amount of grain in and the gearbox goes out, net to unload to be able to work on.

We are upgrading again this year, but we went with a stand alone dryer because it is easier to upgrade.

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We’ve got a circulator ii in a 27’ bin. Before that, we had two 27’ bins with heaters and stirrators. One became the shivvers and the other became the cooling bin in the change. Dried 4,000bu/day but had to sweep a bin out every morning with the batch bins.

I’m very pleased with the shivvers. Once set, they’re pretty hands-off. Drying capacity can be whatever you have the budget for, and it’s somewhat modular so you can add drying capacity later on. Grain quality is good out of the dryer and having the storage when drying season is over is nice. You also avoid the need for a second leg that would be needed for a tower or horizontal machine.

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