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I am looking for recommendation as to where I can get my hay tested for RFV without breaking the bank. Everywhere I find online wants you to set up account and pay upfront fee to get testing supplies then charge per-sample. I would like to opinion on what you have used and if they are reliable.


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Not sure their rates, but Agri-King does forage analysis as well. Might even do a one time free sample? If you get hooked up with a nutritionist they'll have a lab they prefer to work with.

Verified FBN Member (IA) Basic test is $17/sample, includes RFV and RFQ. Dairyland is the most trusted name in forage testing. Can't remember what it took to set up an account but I just send them samples in Ziploc bags. Get results within a few days via Email. Then they bill me. I have been using them for 20 years. Excellent service.

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I always just had my local co-op send it off. Not sure ware they send it to. It's been awhile since I had it done but I didn't think it was very expressive.