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2 Day Agronomy Seminar • $275

2-Day Comprehensive Agronomy Seminar. You'll learn the following & much more...

* Utilize a complete soil test to diagnose your crops nutrient requirements for each field.

* Maximize first year fertilizer uptake based upon product efficiency and placement while reducing input costs.

* Understand the benefits and limitations of foliar feeding.

* Implement softer chemistry inputs to enhance soil health.

Training is for one person, includes training materials and meals. Money back guarantee - if you don't feel the seminar was valuable, we will refund your money.

Product discounts available upon completion of seminar.

Testimonial "In 2 days of this seminar, I learned 75% of what I learned in 4 years at college!" TJM

December 5-6; Sioux Falls, SD

December 8-9; Bettendorf, IA

December 12-13; *******, NE

December 15-16; Kansas City, MO

December 19-20; Dublin, OH

January 5-6; Burnsville, MN

January 9-10; Scottsbluff, NE

January 12-13; St. Louis, MO

January 16-17; Indianapolis, IN

January 19-20; Middleton, WI

February 9-10; Wichita, KS

February 13-14; Lincoln, NE

February 20-21; Ankeny, IA

February 23-24; Fargo, ND

February 27-28; Grantville, PA

March 13-14; Omaha, NE

Call ************

Year: 2022
Condition: New


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How many spots are still available?


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Which seminar are you interested in? The max is 25 for each seminar.

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The 2 day agronomy seminar in Grantville Pa on Feb27-28th that would be the closest to me .


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Ok. Thank you. Can you please send me an email with context info to **************. I will call you

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Will do thank you

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