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Fairest way to rent pasture land?

I’m putting new fencing on 74 acres that I just bought person next to me has 40 acres of pasture with no fencing that they want me to pasture cattle on if we split the price of the fencing on there land how long should I be able to pasture cattle on it ? Or if anyone else has any good ideas on how the fairest way to do it would be let me know ?


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Figure up an annual rent value and figure up what the fence and installation is worth. Get a lease long enough to cover the cost of the fence. If the fence is worth 10,000 and the grass is worth 2500 a year get a four year lease where the fence counts as your rent for the first four years. After that the fence is his and you pay rent. If he terminates the lease early he owes you for the remainder the fence. Get all the numbers in writing to avoid confusion.

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Yep that’s kinda what we was thinking about doing I think that is a really good idea also

Thanks for your time

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