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Has anybody got experience with Swat Maps (they specialize in variable rate)


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It's been a few years since I switched and haven't kept up with Farmers Edge pricing and the breakdown on services. I know when I switched the first year of a SWAT map was higher but the following years were cheaper. I figured that the better maps would pay the difference the first year anyway


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****** what are some of the benefits that you have seen using swat maps

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****** if you dont mind my asking whats the Price diffrence between farmers Edge and Swat maps ?

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I've used Farmers Edge, Decisive Farming and now SWAT Maps and without a doubt the SWAT maps best represent the field and what causes the variability. I could not go back to using a map that was made from imagery now.


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Imagery is fast ,convenient and cheap. BUT they simply cannot duplicate the detail and complexity of all the differences between the various soil zones that SWAT mapping does. Dig into the details and there really is no comparison.