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Full Switch from Nutrien to FBN

Has anyone fully switched from Nutrien to FBN? Using Nutrien agronomists to make a crop chemistry plan in the past, and then transitioning those 1:1 to products FBN carries. Was it worth it? Significant cost savings for same quality, or was it more worth it to keep the personal connection with Nutrien and their agronomists and products?


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I love my local co-op agronomist, and his advice is invaluable. But there are some things he just can't compete on price-wise. FBN had man...



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I did 4 years ago. The first two years went great. No so much the last two. Been working with another supplier that use to work with FBN.

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I shop around y’all dealing with Nutrien might want check your bills they are over charging and selling from farmers,, I stopped doin busine...



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I currently use 4 chem suppliers and see 10-30% price variations and availability is hit and miss on some products. I would never go to one...



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should’ve stayed with *******. You’ll see

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Nutrien cost to mine potash is $85 a ton in Canada, I paid $855 a ton last fall for potash from them delivered to my farm. It is a cartel. ...



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This past November I purchased all my chemical during FBN Cyber November, used half from local coop where the prices were better on some pro...



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I have not fully switched to any single entity. Here, many times Nutrien can beat FBN on a lot of things. Currently we're sourcing from abou...



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I saved 10000 from last year on chem and your fertilizer guy should still give you free advice


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