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Anyone using reverse osmosis water?

Anyone on here using reverse osmosis water for spraying herbicides and foliar fertilizer? What brand did you get? How much are they?Have you been able to cut back on herbicides, how much, all herbicides or just certain ones?

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I can't imagine a system big enough to give me 6000 gallons a day. The one in my house struggles to get 5 gallons a day. The amount of water that is wasted in an RO system would have to significantly offset any gains in chem savings I would think. I would think you would be better served collecting rain water or conditioning the water you have.

Oh I should add, when I was a kid we always pumped water out of the crick to spray with, that might be a good option also.

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If you have hard water, Choice Trio is AWESOME to use as a water conditioner. It ties up all of your cations (Ca, Mg,Fe..) so they don’t interact with your chemicals.

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Yes Personova system. Reducing all herbicides by 25-35% depending on packaging of product. Also adding Fulvic acid and sugar or mollasses to help with uptake.

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Blackmax 22 is an awesome one! Fulic, humic and humin along with a carbohydrate package.

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I use a Nu-Force water revitalizer to reduce water molecule size. Cost relative to size is $440 for hydrant. Available in 1/2" for pivots to 3" for water transfer. Been effective with 80% herbicide rates. Trust it to improve water utilization by 10%.

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For as cheap as adjuvants are per acre why mess around with what I would assume is a spendy system

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