Josh McClure
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Drought Monitor 6/20

The University of Nebraska's latest Drought Monitor reveals a significant increase in abnormally dry areas in states like Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. Iowa experienced a sharp rise in abnormally dry conditions from 16.35% to 30.83%, indicating a substantial spread of dryness. Similarly, Illinois and Indiana saw increases in abnormally dry areas, with Illinois rising from 14.21% to 43.90% and Indiana from 0.0% to 74.16%. Regionally, in the Midwest, drought conditions have worsened overall, with the percentage of the area experiencing drought conditions increasing from 5.82% to 22.40%.

  • Drought Monitor 6/20
  • Drought Monitor 6/20


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Here in southwest Michigan we get basically the perfect amount of rain every year. My alfalfa hay field has no irrigation and neither does my neighbor. We get 3 or 4 cuttings every year with just average soil and the good rains we get!


Verified FBN Member (KS)

meanwhile here in NW Kansas we’re getting punished with heat wind and no rain


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