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John Deere 1990 ccs 7.5 to 15 row GPS offset being off

I’ve been trying to plant soybeans with my 7.5 inch drill in 15 inch row spacing with the front row locked up. the ranks being offset it’s been hard to get the gps to be accurate. The left side might be 8 inches form the last pass. Right side usually is about 18 inches apart.


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I had the same problem. After several trials and errors I went with a equipment offset of .55 ft to the left. It's not perfect but it works. Do not ever reset your antenna to gain your desired outcome.

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Use row markers and drive straight worked for the past hundred yrs

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I have the same drill. You need to enter an 3.8 inch offset.


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We have the same drill. You need to offset your drawbar to one side or the other (I think clear to the right)


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Width, offset, hitch length, distance from hitch to center of axle, must all be exact or you will have skips


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Your width needs to be narrowed with taking off an outside row.


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try offsetting your receiver to the left or right a few inches. Remember you need to make a whole round before you adjust the receiver because of the offset of the machine


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have you put in offset in your gps monitor in the tractor tab under equipment.