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What is the best way to shine up Sun faded equipment

have some equipment i want to sell and would like to shine it up a bit was just seeing what ppl have used ?


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Buff with meguiars wax for cars works pretty good

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I went to harbor freight and bought a variable speed buffer ($40) couple pads ($15) and a big bottle of Meguiar’s polishing compound ($30) we’ve polished 2 faded older JD tractors and the hoods and fenders honestly look nearly new!

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Just shined up my 20 year old 9390 Steiger with Dakota shine looks brand new. Took 6 hours prep start to finish. You also need a spray gun 50$ from the farm show.

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Just did 2 older Steiger tractors used Dakota shine recommended by my neighbor wow it works amazingly well

Will be doing more

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Dakota Shine, works excellent if its just faded, and works well on plastic

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Try color back works very good

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Just use wd40. Spray on and buff off. It's works amazingly well

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Margurita compound, buff at slow rpm, it's amazing what 2 hrs can do to a tractor hood.

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Use Dakota Shine

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