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Hay growth stimulamts

We farm in central Ohio growing alfalfa, or alfalfa grass mix hay and are trying to up our hay output while cutting cost. We were wondering what everyone els is putting on their crop without comprising lifespan or feed quality.

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We have been spraying UAN 32 on at 19 gallons per acre with 1 gallon of Monty’s liquid carbon per acre. This is done in early to mid April and 3-4 weeks after 1st cut. This has been a 50+% increase in hay yield over our old dry fertilizer program. We still spread 200lbs of 9-23-30 in the spring. Probably going to get away from all dry fertilizer and go to spraying on liquid next year. I think we could cut the UAN32 back to 10-15 gallons and still not lose any yield. Just make sure when you spray it is raining or definitely going to rain soon or some burning of the hay will occur. Good luck!

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I would like to see more conversation on this topic. Dale Northwest Wisconsin

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FBN’s Atarrus is a plant-based peptide biostimulant that should improve fertilizer efficiency in alfalfa.

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We spray 15 gal UNS18 with 3 gal ATS ,1 pint of black earth liquid Humic HC 24% .

We apply Black Earth dry Humic been doing since 2012 and have over doubled production each year. Last year sprayed on sorghum Sudan produced 175 round bales off of 32 acres .

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We have found good yield response to So4 from Calcium Products.

It is pelleted gypsum. My gut feeling is that the real benefit comes from the sulfur in the product 17lbs/100. We use 200lbs/acre/year. Depending on freight cost is about $220/ton.

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Check into FBN biologicals our Nourish Vitals along many other options Inhabit products !

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