F2F1C-028 - North
F2F1C-028 - North
F2F1C-028 - National
F2F Corn Bag
Corn F2F1C-028 Treated
Corn F2F1C-028 Treated
Corn F2F1C-028 Treated
Corn F2F1C-028 Treated
Corn F2F1C-028 Treated
F2F Genetics Network™

F2F1C-028 Brand, Treated

Product tech sheet
Conventional Corn
Relative maturity
f2f standard corn seed treatment

$140.00/unit (Total: $6,300.00)

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Product details
  • Solid disease package providing very good tolerance to all major corn diseases

  • Excellent stalks and late season intactness

  • Great option for corn on corn and minimum tillage acres

  • Fixed ear hybrid that responds best to high planting populations

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