Lucas Strom


08 Aug 2022

by Lucas Strom

When FBN® members told us that they need better healthcare options for their families and farm employees, we listened. In 2018, we launched FBN Health to bring farmers more choice around their healthcare options with plans that are designed for them—straightforward, affordable and reliable health benefits with best-in-class service when you need it most. Farming is a tough business. One of the greatest potential risks you manage is your own health and personal wellness, as well as that of your family and employees—but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve tailored health benefits plans to meet FBN members’ needs with a farmer-focused healthcare coverage offering, which includes enhanced ambulance coverage. Healthcare designed for farm operations You need the freedom to choose from a range of healthcare coverage options that meet your farm’s specific needs. We have four different plans that offer you: Health coverage for your family and your farm employees: Medical, dental and vision Free, 24/7 telephone access to a doctor—at $0 co-pay—so you don’t have to waste any time driving to town when you have a medical question or need Extensive regional and national networks of providers based across the country Affordable health benefits for farming businesses You don’t have to settle for the rising cost of health coverage. By leveraging the purchasing power of the FBN network, we are working to lower health insurance premiums and pass those savings straight on to you. In many cases, we expect eligible FBN members will see significant premium savings over the individual marketplace. The plans offered through FBN Health are level-funded plans which are fully underwritten, allowing them to provide much lower rates for relatively healthy members of your family or farm employees. Between our unique approach and the power of the FBN network, members may see 25-35 percent savings under the right circumstances. Simple to choose and easy to use You deserve hassle-free health insurance. Lower-cost healthcare options should also be convenient to access and use when you need them, and come with hassle-free support. You shouldn’t have to spend valuable time re-learning the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, benefits options and network providers—through our partnership, we’re making the enrollment and selection process easy, and the benefits service you receive after the sale outstanding. How to participate in FBN Health Farms with as few as one employee who have a Federal ID Number (FEIN) are eligible to apply.  The online application takes about 30 minutes to complete and can be found at . Our team is staffed by licensed health insurance experts to help you make the right coverage decisions for your family and operation. We will walk you through the application and enrollment process and be there to answer any claims questions throughout the year. Where is FBN Health Offered? FBN Health is available in all 50 states. Are you unhappy with your healthcare coverage?  Does your family farm have the best option for health insurance?  Call 877-892-3303 or visit to apply. FBN does not offer traditional health insurance. But while we do not offer traditional health insurance, we do offer FBN Health. FBN Health is marketed by FBN Insurance LLC. FBN Insurance LLC is not a licensed insurance company or agency and its employees and representatives are not licensed life and health insurance agents. Policies marketed by FBN Health are level-funded group health benefit plans offered and administered by Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. (“BPA”) and Employers Business Alliance ("EBA") and available only where BPA and EBA are licensed." If you submit the Get A Quote Form, a licensed insurance agent/producer may contact you on behalf of BPA or EBA. You cannot obtain coverage under a health plan until you complete and submit an application for the plan and your application is approved and accepted by BPA or EBA. Eligibility and benefit exclusions and limitations apply. FBN Health is currently available in all 50 states.