How to Compare Financing Options for Your Inputs

Tracy Pell

08 Jan 2018

As you get ready to buy your inputs for the season, you may be considering financing options that will let you pay for your purchases on a schedule that fits your financial needs. Financing can be a great way to let you purchase now and match payments to your cash flows, but it’s important to make sure you look at all aspects of financing offers before choosing one.

You'll want to consider things like rate, term, and whether or not financing is restricted to specific products or bundles. 

Terms to Know

Understanding the basic terminology of financing will help you understand what you’re looking at as you make your decision.

  • Annual Interest Rate: The rate paid if a loan was carried at that rate for a full 12 months. Sometimes rates can change over the term of your loan; make sure you’re comparing rates over the time period you plan to keep the loan.

  • Term: Length of the loan

  • WSJ PRIME Rate: The Wall Street Journal surveys 30 large banks about their current prime rate, which is the rate at which they lend money to their qualified customers. (Source: Bankrate) The PRIME rate is then used by many financial institutions to determine their rate for lending money to customers. As of January 8, 2018, the PRIME rate is 4.50%.

  • All-In Price: This is the fully loaded cost of a product, including the financing cost.

When comparing financing options, it’s important to look at things like rate and term to get a true idea of which program will work best for you. Think about when you’ll be ready to pay for your inputs and calculate the overall cost of what you will pay between the time you purchase and the time you’ll be paying. You should also check to see if financing is available on all products and if you have to bundle specific products to be eligible.

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Tracy Pell

08 Jan 2018