Farming Organically? Take a Closer Look at How You Manage Inputs

Brian Paff

04 Feb 2020

Transitioning acres to organic on your farm operation means your management strategy is going to need to change, too. 

You’ll need to buy organic inputs rather than synthetic products, determine when and how to use them and keep detailed records to demonstrate the need for any particular application.

If you’re farming organically, the team at AgriSecure has put together a quick overview for selecting organic inputs and can help your operation succeed every step of the way.

To learn more about choosing and using organic inputs, read this article from AgriSecure

While these changes can present some challenges, you can manage inputs effectively on your operation and make sure you’re seeing the increase in profit potential you hoped for when you opted to transition to organic.

Get the support you need to transition acres to organic

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Brian Paff

04 Feb 2020