More Transparency to Meet Chem Spraying Timing

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24 June 2021

At FBN Direct®, one of our core focuses is empowering farmers with the information they need to make the right crop protection chemical purchases for their operation.

This season, we’re taking the wraps off of an feature we’re calling Delivery and Pick up Transparency.

Our goals with this update are simple:

  • Give farmers more transparent expectations around when they could receive their chem from us to determine whether we will meet their timing needs. 

  • Provide more visibility to farmers around what is happening with the items they purchased on every order. 

Let’s go into more detail on what this actually looks like on In the world of e-commerce, these features are not revolutionary.

We think the ag world deserves the same kind of experiences you love and expect from other industries, and we are passionate about bringing them to you. 

Set your delivery location

While navigating the FBN Direct online store, set your delivery location to see delivery estimates for your chem products.

Next time you’re browsing around looking at various crop protection products, type in your postal code or shipping address, and we’ll calculate what date this could arrive on your farm or be made available for pickup.

Where it makes sense, we will tell you what quantity of products are left available for purchase with that timing estimate.

Know the timing of your delivery or pick up

Transparency is key. Especially about potential things that may impact the timing you receive your products before you make the purchase. We want you to be totally in control, so you can spray when you need to.

Choose timing that works for you

Not all items are available with the same delivery or pickup schedule. Where possible, we will provide you with choices around your entire order to meet your timing needs.

Track the status of your purchased items on the orders tab

Track the delivery/pickup of every order and see whether or not your items have shipped. You have full transparency. There’s no need to call a rep to check in on the status of your purchase. 

What’s next?

These features are available now to our US and Canadian customers for crop protection chemical products, adjuvants and biologicals and we’re working hard on bringing the experience to our Australian growers, too. Stay tuned!

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24 June 2021