How do I edit or delete fields in my account?

Edit or delete fields right in your FBN® account.

  1. Sign in to FBN and click on Analyze at the top of the page.

  2. In the left-hand menu, click on My Data and then click on Field Roster in the menu options.

  3. Find the field you want to edit and scroll to the end of the row to check the box under the Actions column. The Edit and Delete buttons right above will become clickable.

To delete fields, click the trashcan icon.

To edit fields, click on Edit. For the selected field, you'll be able to change the field name, associated farm, number of acres, crop, ect. Click Save to save your changes.

NOTE: It is very easy to delete or edit more than you intended to, so feel free to reach out to and we can complete these steps for you based on the changes you request.

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