How do I export data from a John Deere Greenstar 3 2630 monitor?

29 Apr 2019

  • Turn off all types of recording and stop the vehicle.

  • Insert the USB flash drive. You should have at least 1GB of free memory.

  • The "Data Transfer" page will appear within about 10 seconds.

    • If the USB flash drive isn’t recognized, try the other USB port, reformat the USB flash drive (FAT or FAT32), or try a different USB flash drive.

  • Select the "Export Data" option. 

  • Select or create a "profile name" where the data will be stored on the USB. 

    • Don’t use of the following characters (\ / : * ? " < >) when creating a profile name. These will cause the profile to fail to load to a display or Apex.

    • If you export to an existing profile, it will overwrite all setup information and data in that profile except for the documentation files used by the desktop software. 

    • It takes less time when you export repeatedly to the same profile because the documentation files (for example, as-applied and yield map files) that are already in the profile on the USB aren’t exported again.

  • Select "Begin Transfer".

  • Export Data from "Gen3 2630".

    • Large data sets may take several minutes to transfer. Power loss or removing the USB during data transfer may cause data loss.

  • When the data transfer is complete, a message that states "Data transfer is complete" will appear.

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