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How do I export data out of My JohnDeere?

29 Apr 2019

Click on operations center and then click on the fields button (indicated by the red box in the picture below).

Go through and select the fields you would like to export. If you want to export all of your fields, you can click the select all checkbox.

After selecting the fields, click on the export button (indicated by the red box in the picture below).

You should now see an export data box on the screen:

  • Select shapefile as file type

  • Check the box that says boundary

  • Specify a date range and check which operations you would like to export

  • Click next and then export

Under the Files section you will see a folder named Export and you can download that zip file from there.

Once that download is complete, you can upload that file to your FBN® account through the Analyze tab > My Data > My Files section of the website.

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