FBN Crop Marketing

Smarter Crop Marketing

Expert advice and exclusive crop marketing opportunities for your commodity grain, identity preserved grain, pulses, and specialty crops.

Commodity Crop Marketing

A better way to market grain.

We provide information, advice and innovative products to help you make smarter decisions when marketing your cash crops.

Specialty & Identity Preserved Crops

Production & Spot Contracts for pulse and identity preserved crops.

Productions Contracts - Capture premiums through turn-key production contracts that make it easy to estimate your profit per acre.

Spot Sale Bids - Stay on top of the market. Receive active spot bids for pulse crops throughout the year.

We do not guarantee customers will receive specific benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marketing; results will vary and may result in loss. In addition to being an FBN Member, Additional Terms and Conditions apply to qualify for FBN Crop Marketing offerings.