Community Builder of the Month: Matthew Blums

Mark Wilson

Apr. 14, 2022

Matthew Blums is an independent community builder based out of Ceduna, South Australia. As a franchise dealer for John Deere, Isuzu and Toyota, the main focus of his business is to service the farming and agricultural community. 

As a local business owner, he understands the importance of sponsoring and supporting local communities. This was the primary reason for partnering with FBN™ as a community builder 12 months ago. FBN links into his dealership which has a large footprint in Ceduna to service farmers. 

He’s worked in the agricultural equipment and machinery industry for 25 years. While he worked as a mechanic for eight and a half years, his career path shifted into sales, finance and business management. 

“Being actively involved in the selling of vehicles and machinery in the community means we get to see our clients enjoying and reaping the rewards from their purchases. It was a natural progression to partner with Farmers Business NetworkTM. Plus, I take great pride in what we do for farmers,” says Matthew. 

He also sees opportunities to do more business as a community builder due to the products and inputs he can offer to farmers in his area. He points to 0% financing as a way for growers who may have had a previous bad season to  be able to afford inputs for the following season. Understanding cash flow constraints and the current options available makes a big difference to growers. 

“I believe the one price for all growers in all states levels the playing field. For our current dealership business it doesn't matter who comes through the door, we are always willing to do the business because it could lead to other things.”

He says that price transparency, direct-to-farm delivery, finance options and having another competitor in the market were his primary motivations for getting involved as a community builder. 

As he looks to continue working and helping growers, he says, “Having another port of call and being part of the FBN network will bring people to our other businesses and to help us grow. It's a win-win situation for everyone. There will always be a future in agriculture. Everyone has to eat in the world, but Ceduna has its challenges with rainfall and the economic environment. Ceduna is marginal country, but we hope to continue to see families stay in the community and to continue to support each other.”

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Mark Wilson

Apr. 14, 2022