How to Get the Most from Harvest Aids

Tracy Pell

Sep. 18, 2018

Most of the United States is one to three weeks ahead of normal when looking at the current 2018 corn and soybean crop maturity. This means that harvest has already begun across the country.

If you’ve planned harvest aids for the 2018 crop, those applications should begin soon. Harvest aids do not increase yields, speed up maturity, or increase the rate of grain drydown. In fact, if the Harvest Aid is applied too early, yields can be decreased. What harvest aids can do is dessicate troublesome weeds that can interfere with the crop being harvested. This results in increased harvest efficiency and grain quality.

How to Use Harvest Aids

In soybeans, harvest aids can be used to remove green stems and pods. Soybeans need to be at R7 stage of growth or higher at application time to avoid yield loss. This still provides for an earlier harvest date, less dockage at delivery, and possible bonus price for early delivery.

Harvest aids can also make harvest easier by eliminating unwanted weeds from entering harvest equipment, thus eliminating machine harvest loss. The grain quality can be increased by improving harvest efficiency. Harvest aids can possibly help in reducing weed seed production. This will vary between weeds present and stage of growth of the weeds at the time of application, as well as herbicide used.

In corn, harvest aids are used to control troublesome weed escapes that can hinder harvest efficiency. Corn should be to at least full dent, with kernel two-thirds milk line down to avoid yield loss. Benefits are similar to soybeans less the bonus for early delivery.

Sample Soybean Harvest Aids

Sample Corn Harvest Aids

As always, it is your responsibility to read and follow all label directions before each application. Rules vary on each product from state to state.

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Tracy Pell

Sep. 18, 2018