Wheat Yield Tour Day 2

Rejeana Gvillo

May 20, 2022

Rejeana Gvillo, Senior Economist at FBN, is on the road in Kansas with the Wheat Council Tour. Follow her posts to get firsthand perspectives from her route.

Here are the key findings and insights from Day 2’s route. Read about Day 1's Tour Results here.

Key findings and insights

Day 2’s scouting tour by FBN Economist Rejeana Gvillo headed into the worst areas for yield and the findings confirmed how bad it is. Yields fell dramatically as the tour hit the SW corner of KS. But as the tour reached the south central region of the state, yield conditions began to improve. 

Winter wheat crop tour - FBN Economist stops

Stop 14 - Tribune KS
Stop 15 - Richland KS
Stop 16 - Johnson City KS
Stop 17 - Stano KS
Stop 18 - Sublette KS
Stop 19 - Kismet KS
Stop 20 - Meade Center KS
Stop 21 - Sitka KS
Stop 22 - Coldwater KS
Stop 23 - Sharon KS
Stop 24 - Crystal Springs KS
Stop 25 - Suppesville KS

Wheat tour coming up short

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What it means for the farmer

Kansas farmers are seeing wildly variable growing conditions this season, and day 2 of the tour saw the impact on yields. Widespread losses are expected in the SW stretches of the state, while central and Eastern regions are normal, to perhaps even a bit above normal. With one day left on the tour, it seems likely that USDA’s 39 bushel mark for KS in their May estimate is about where the KS Wheat Tour will land. The overall tour average for day 1 was 39.5 and day 2 was 37.

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Rejeana Gvillo

May 20, 2022