Farmland Capital from FBN® Finance

Farm funding to take you where traditional loans can’t. With no interest payments, ever.

Boost Your Farm's Cash Flow

Farmland Capital provides capital today for a share of your farm’s future change in value. Keep ownership of your farm and make no annual payments.

Expand Your Operation

Buy land with a smaller down payment.

Lower Debt Payments

Improve your operation’s finances to potentially qualify for a lower interest rate with your bank.

Keep the Farm in the Family

Buy out co-owners who don’t wish to continue operating the family farm.

Cash Out Your Equity

Meet your retirement needs, without selling your land or paying interest.
How It Works

Flexible Funding For Your Farm

A minority partner invests in a slice of your farm’s equity, paying you cash today for a share of the farm’s future change in value.

Speak with Our Team

Fill out a contact form to learn more and apply. Or call 866-619-3080 to speak with our team immediately.

Access Your Cash

Get up to 25% of your farm’s value in cash. Your partner participates alongside you whether your farm gains or loses value.

Partner with Us

You’ll keep control and ownership of your farm and 100% of the farm income, with the flexibility to prepay at any time.



No — participating with Farmland Capital won’t affect your deed. We file a memorandum which states that the investment is structured as an option and secured by either a mortgage or deed of trust.

No, FBN Finance is providing farmers the capital they need to support their operation. The goal of this investment is for the farmer to buy out of the agreement after 3-10 years after they have built more equity in their operation. FBN is not buying whole parcels of land or competing with farmers to buy land.

No — there are no interest or rent payments as part of the agreement.

You can buy out of the co-investment agreement at any time.

The land is valued by either a certified appraisal or market price.

Investments begin at $100,000 and can go up to 49% of your farm’s equity.

Farmland Capital is available to current and retired farmers.


While you’ll be interacting with FBN Finance over the term of the agreement, the funding will typically originate from a range of investors including wealthy individuals, family offices, endowments, foundations, pension funds, and other farmers. Learn more.

Our typical investors view Farmland Capital as an opportunity to make a longer-term investment (up to 10 years) in US farmland. Farmland investments help investors hedge against inflation, diversify their investment portfolios, and support American family farmers. Farmland Capital investors don’t collect rent payments, and they cannot control when their investment is returned. They experience gains and losses alongside the farmer (with the potential to lose all of their investment if the farm’s value drops significantly). To compensate for these risks, investors are targeting an annualized return of 10% over the life of the agreement.