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I authorize my Approved Insurance Provider to provide FBN Insurance and its affiliates and partners access to and usage of my crop insurance policy data and Common Land Unit (CLU) data for product(s) held at my Approved Insurance Provider . This authorization shall continue until the product(s) terminate or until a written termination request is provided to Farmers Business Network.

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  • What are my total guaranteed bushels of corn?
  • What are my total expected bushels of corn?
  • What are my increased yield loss triggers by unit with a given lower Harvest Price?
  • What coverage level would it take to bring my guaranteed revenue up to break even this year at a given Projected Price?
ABC FARMS INC Executive Summary
CropExpected ProductionGuaranteed ProductionProjected PriceRevenue GuaranteeProducer Premium
Soybeans55,90044,720$9.68$541,112$8,203• 388 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070 • • 1 (844) 200-FARM © 2018 All Rights Reserved. The Sprout logo, “FBN”, “Farmers First”, and “Farmers Business Network” are registered service marks of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. FBN Insurance services are offered by FBN Insurance LLC (dba FBN Insurance Solutions Services LLC in Texas, and FBN Insurance Solutions LLC in California and Michigan) and are only available where FBN Insurance LLC is licensed. FBN membership not required. FBN Insurance LLC is an equal opportunity provider.