FBN® Acre Pack

New! FBN Acre Packs give farmers greater control of their crop input plan through an online tool that helps them plan, order and save on inputs. FBN Acre Packs are available for corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat and rice. Plus, build a pack across multiple crops.

Acre Pack (All Crops)

FBN Corn Acre Pack

FBN Soybeans Acre Pack

FBN Cotton Acre Pack

FBN Wheat Acre Pack

FBN Rice Acre Pack

How Acre Packs Work

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1. Add Your Acres

Input the number of acres you are treating, and the Acre Pack will automatically calculate how much product you need to buy and your cost per acre.

2. Pick Products

Add a base product like Glyphosate, Glufosinate, Clomazone or Atrazine. Then choose from a range of seed, crop protection and nutrition products to add to your Pack.

3. See Your Cost Per Acre

The Acre Pack automatically calculates your cost per applied acre, making it easier to manage the bottom line.


FBN Acre Packs give farmers greater control of their crop input plan through a simple online tool that helps them plan, order and save on inputs. FBN Acre Packs do the math for you, calculating how much to buy and your cost per acre.

FBN Acre Packs offer flexibility and instant value. Unlike some other bundling programs, Acre Packs empower farmers with the control to select the products they need from the broad range of products available in an Acre Pack. 

Once an Acre Pack is checked out, new products cannot be added, but certain products may be eligible for the swap/exchange policy. Customers will need to purchase another Acre Pack that will be subject to the current discount terms at the time of purchase, or they can purchase that product stand alone. 

We are excited to introduce this new feature available in the FBN Acre Pack, which calculates the price per applied acre after the Acre Pack discounts.  Note that there could be additional discounts that apply to the entire cart (e.g., new customer and cash discounts) which should be accounted for in evaluating net price.

A customer can receive any available cash discounts and any other qualifying program discounts FBN has at the time of purchase. A cash discount would be reflected at the time of check out if “ACH” or “Credit Card” payment methods are selected.

Yes. Available delivery options for items in each category will be presented at checkout.


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