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“It’s an Industry Disruptor.” See How Ag Chemical Price Transparency Empowers This Mississippi Farmer

All across the country, farmers are paying drastically different prices for inputs— especially their ag chemicals. Even farmers who live and operate fairly close to each other can ...


Verified FBN Member (WI) Agronomy

How has MG-869-GTA done for others this yr?

Combine just diving into field and corn is broke off everywhere below the ear. Other Brand corns and standing straight in other fields. Anyone else have this issue

Verified FBN Member (MN) For Sale

SuperB SD1200C Grain Dryer

For sale is a quiet running centrifugal fan full heat grain dryer. Removed in working condition. Set up for LP gas but can be converted to NG. Currently wired for 480 volt three…


Top 6 Reasons to Become an FBN®® Member

When FBN launched in 2014, it was developed by farmers looking for an independent, unbiased source of farmer-driven information. Thanks to the passion and drive of our members, the...


Verified FBN Member (ND) Business

Does anyone have FBN Health insurance? What are ur thoughts?