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Ag Chemical Buying Guide: Get More for Your Money When You Buy Inputs

Inputs are a huge investment on your operation. You spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on ag chemical products each year in an effort to fight insects, weeds and diseases. But chances are you’re overpaying for inputs and cutting significantly into your bottom line at the end of the day.

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Damon Gold6 Days ago Machinery

What are some recommendations for SP sprayers?

We’re looking to buy self-propelled sprayers and just starting out with our research. For those of you with experience with them what are your favorite brands and models and what are the pros and cons to watch out for?

For Sale
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John Fehr (IA)2 hours ago

John Deere 9570R – $170,000

Hours: 2039 Transmission Type: Powershift Rear PTO: Yes Drive: Track

JD for sale_1JD for sale_2

Top 6 Reasons to Become an FBN®® Member

When FBN launched in 2014, it was developed by farmers looking for an independent, unbiased source of farmer-driven information. Thanks to the passion and drive of our members, the network has grown to over 25,000 farmers in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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Paul Rice6 Days ago General

I’m new here. Any tips to get the most out of the FBN platform?

I’m curious to hear thoughts on what all you use the platform for and anything to keep in mind while getting started.