Introducing New FBN Hectare Packs: Controlling Your Crop Inputs Plan is Simple

Mark Wilson

01 Nov 2022

When it comes time to think about your crop input plan, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple online tool to help you control it? That’s why we created our new FBN® Hectare Packs. 

FBN Hectare Packs are a way to give you more control over your crop input plan by using simple online tools that allow you to plan, order and save up to an additional 5% off

When you decide to pick your pack, you’ll be able to build Hectare packs for:

  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Canola

  • Cotton

  • Sorghum

How it works

When it’s time to pick your pack, just follow these simple steps:


Build your pack directly online. FBN Hectare Packs will help guide you to the crop protection and high uptake nutrient products labelled for your crop. You’ll still have the built-in flexibility to pick the crop pack that’s right for your operation. Now, you’ll always have control over your crop input plan. 

BONUS: When it’s time to checkout, schedule individual delivery dates for each product. Shopping online doesn’t mean giving up support. If you need help, please call us. 


Input your Hectares and select your rate from the labelled range. There’s no complicated maths involved because FBN Hectare Packs do the work for you. The Hectare Pack will automatically calculate how much you need to buy AND display your cost per unit and per Hectare for any configuration you try. 


Lock-in additional savings of up to 5% off when you pick your pack. The more you buy, the more you’ll unlock upfront discounts. Now, you’ll never get burned out with rebate bundles again. 

[Shop conveniently anywhere, anytime online or through the FBN mobile app with transparent list prices and delivery direct to your farm] 

Build your Hectare Pack

Just follow these three simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Add your Hectares

When you input the number of Hectares you are treating for your crop, the Hectare Pack will automatically calculate how much you need to buy and your cost per Hectare.

Step 2: Pick your products and rates

Start by adding a base herbicide such as Glyphosate, Trifluralin or Paraquat to your pack. Then, choose from a range of crop protection or high uptake nutrient products. Select your application rates from the labelled range. 

Step 3: Stack the savings

Earn up to 5% off for each crop protection or nutrition product you add to your pack. 

With the FBN Hectare Pack Multiplier, you’ll save an additional 1% on your base herbicide product. For every additional product you add to your Pack, you’ll earn up to 5% off. 

Here’s an example of the savings in action:

Glyphosate   +    Herbicide + Insecticide + Adjuvant = 3% off Glyphosate

Base Herbicide        1      2  3

PLUS: Right now you can add additional savings if you check out yourself online or if you are a new customer transacting for the first time. Terms and Conditions apply.

Pick your pack

Get started today and pick your pack to take control of your crop plan and watch the savings add up. 

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Mark Wilson

01 Nov 2022

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