How can I add more locations to Favorite bids?

Adding additional favorites can be done by first clicking ALL CASH BIDS to the left of YOUR FAVORITES. Once in ALL CASH BIDS enter your desired location in the “Search for a buyer” box. Below your desired location will populate, at this point simply tap on the star next the bid. Once you have selected a favorite, the star will become solid blue. At this point the location will be added to your favorites list, which you can get back to by clicking on the YOUR FAVORITES tab right of ALL CASH BIDS. You can also remove the favorite at any time by clicking on the star again.

The Favorites feature allows you to indicate your preferred delivery locations and automatically view them separately. To get more detail on your favorites you can press on the Your Favorites tab, directly right of All Cash Bids. By clicking this tab it will bring you to a view with only your favorited locations.

How To: View and Manage Bids on the FBN App

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