How can I edit my seed varieties in FBN analytics?

Updating your seed varieties is an important step towards ensuring that your farm and field level analytics are up to date, that your operation is able to be completely benchmarked against others with similar seed choices and for all of your seasonal FBN® reports.

We automatically catch and update the most commonly used seed varieties but in the case that we cannot match your manual entry, we leave the data out of the network's data set. (It will still show up for you in your account but it will not affect the analytics in Seed Finder or for anyone else on the platform). For example, if you typed in a generic name such as "Corn" into your monitor you can quickly change that in your FBN account.

  1. Sign in to your FBN account and click on the Analyze tab at the top of the page.

  2. In the left-hand menu, click on My Data and then click on Seeds.

  3. Here you can filter to Show Unmatched Seeds or scroll down to the line item you want to update.

  4. Under the Updated Seed column, hover over the item you want to update which will be outlined in blue and click Edit.

  5. Click into the Search Any Seed box and start typing the actual seed name. The system will automatically show a list of varieties for that seed.

  6. Select your variety and also select the Treatment and Save.

    • If you do not find your variety in the list, call 1-844-200-FARM or email us at data@farmersbusinessnetwork with the variety information and we can add it to our master list.

  7. The system will automatically go through and update any other varieties that used the same name. Within a couple hours, your account will update to reflect these changes.

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