How do I share boundaries with FBN for a sustainability program?

All of our sustainability programs require that farmers enroll acres that meet the requirements of the program they enrolled in. Once the farmer enrolls in a program, the next step is to share the field boundaries of the acres enrolled. Our goal is to make this step as easy as possible for the farmer.

The easiest way for a farmer to share their field boundaries is to connect their FBN® account with John Deere Operations Center or Case IH’s AFS Connect. John Deere Operations Center and AFS Connect are cloud platforms that store their agronomic information from John Deere and Case IH machines. Farmers Business Network has an API integration with John Deere and CNH that connects this information with

Here are instructions to connect a farmer's John Deere and CNH account with

  1. Sign in to your FBN account.

  2. Go to the Integrations page - found under the Analyze tab > My Data > Integrations.

  3. Click on the John Deere or CNH button.

  4. If you agree to add this integration, click on the Connect with John Deere/Connect with CNH button.

  5. If you are not currently signed into MyJohnDeere/AFS Connect, you will be required to sign in.

  6. Once signed in, you will see a page from MyJohnDeere/AFS Connect asking if you want to allow FBN access to your account data.

  7. Select Allow.

  8. If the request was successful and FBN was able to finish the integration, you will see your MyJohnDeere/AFS Connect account listed as an integration. If the request failed or there was an error, you will see the integrations page with an error message. Retry the process again if this happens or contact us for help.

  9. After the data in your account has finished syncing with FBN, you will see the Last Sync date.

  10. You are now integrated with your MyJohnDeere/AFS Connect account and all files uploaded to MyJohnDeere/AFS Connect will automatically upload to your FBN account for processing, cleaning and analyzing!

If farmers do not have a MyJohnDeere/AFS Connect account, the next easiest way for them to share field boundaries is to use Fieldview. Fieldview is a cloud platform that stores farmer’s agronomic information from Fieldview devices. Farmers can easily share information from Fieldview using the below instructions:

  1. Log in to Field View on your computer.

  2. Click the Data tab on the top of the screen and then Data Manager in the drop down that appears. This screen will automatically populate a list of all your events by field.

  3. Check all the field events at once by clicking the small box at the very top of this list that is located right under “20/20 Field Map Data” in FieldView.

  4. Then on the right side of that same screen, click the Actions button and then the Share Fields button.

  5. Type in the email and hit Send.

  6. Change selected year and repeat steps 3 - 6 for each of the years your system has data.

If farmers do not have MyJohnDeere, AFS Connect, or Fieldview, they can share precision yield data from other software providers. Instructions can be found at

If farmers do not have precision yield data, they should share their field boundaries via FSA Maps. Here are instructions for sharing FSA maps with FBN:

  1. Go to the FSA office and request maps for acres enrolled in the sustainability program

  2. Email or text images of the maps to

Once maps are uploaded, the next step is to schedule a survey with a Farmers Business Network Sustainability Program Lead (SPL). You will receive an email from your assigned SPL and can check their calendar availability to schedule a meeting.

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