What does Farmers First® mean?

Farmers First® is not a slogan, it’s our entire philosophy. Farmers First means we put you, the farmer, at the center of our universe and back in the center of agriculture.  Farmers are the patrons of the farm economy, yet they realize the lowest profits.  The FBN network democratizes information and price access to level the playing field and drive profits for farms of all sizes.

We are your Independent and Unbiased business partner, and bring you the power of a network of thousands of fellow elite farmers spanning millions of acres on dozens of crops.  We don’t make money by selling your data, FBN analytics are always anonymous and secure.  Everything we build is for your benefit and to help you thrive. Many of our employees grew up on farms, in farming families, or still farm today.  It's a simple business philosophy, and something we take very seriously, and very personally.  

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