What is Price Transparency?

08 May 2019

Price Transparency gives you the ability to see what other farmers in the network have either paid or have been quoted for agricultural chemicals and seed. All prices recorded for Price Transparency exclude rebates. You’ll be able to see the range of prices paid by hundreds of members from many different suppliers across the country. All data and personal information is removed from reported prices in order to maintain farmer privacy.

Price Transparency for Chemical: When shopping for inputs through FBN Direct® you can see the range of prices farmers were quoted or paid for inputs. You can compare the Market Average* with the price you paid, as well as FBN®'s best price for that product. You can also see Same Active, Same Concentration and Same Active, Different Concentration Ag chemical products, and easily access chemical labels.

*The Market Avg only includes prices provided by FBN members and includes both invoices and quoted prices. Some farmers may receive post-sale discounts or rebates due to bundling of seed purchases with chemical purchases and/or rebates from manufacturers.

Price Transparency for Seed: Seed Price Transparency shows the real prices being paid for hundreds of corn hybrids and soybean varieties, with more crops and varieties getting added all the time.  

Learn more about how FBN Price Transparency can change the way you buy inputs! 

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