FBN® Hectare Pack

New! FBN Hectare Packs give farmers greater control of their crop plan through a simple online tool that helps them plan and order. FBN Hectare Packs are available for wheat, barley, canola, cotton and sorghum.

FBN Wheat Hectare Pack

FBN Barley Hectare Pack

FBN Sorghum Hectare Pack

FBN Cotton Hectare Pack

FBN Canola Hectare Pack

How Hectare Packs Work

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1. Add Hectares

Input the number of hectares you are treating for your crop, and the Hectare Pack will automatically calculate how much product you need to buy and your cost per hectare.

2. Pick Products

Add a base product like Glyphosate, Paraquat and Trifluralin. Then choose from a range of crop protection and nutrition products to add to your Pack.


FBN Hectare Packs give growers greater control of their crop input plan through a simple online tool that helps them plan and order with no waiting around for a rebate. FBN Hectare Packs do the maths for you, calculating how much to buy and your cost per hectare.

FBN Hectare Packs offer flexibility and instant value. Unlike some other bundling programs, Hectare Packs empower growers with the control to select the products they need from the broad range of products available in a Hectare Pack. Plus, growers are rewarded instantly the more they buy, with upfront discounts immediately applied to their qualifying order. No waiting around for months to get a rebate.

You will not be able to search by active ingredient. Products that qualify for the hectare pack will be listed for each crop protection category. A lot of the products contain the active ingredient name within the product description ie Glyphosate 450.

Yes. Available delivery options for items in each category will be presented at checkout.


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