Cotogard® WG Herbicide

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4Farmers Atrazine 600 SC Herbicide

4Farmers Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide

4Farmers Bromacil 800 WG Herbicide

4Farmers Bromoxynil 200 Selective Herbicide

4Farmers Diuron 900 DF Herbicide

4Farmers Linuron 450 Herbicide

4Farmers Metribuzin 750 WG Herbicide

4Farmers Simazine 900 WG Herbicide

4Farmers Terbuthylazine 750 WG Herbicide

4Farmers Terbutryn 500 SC Herbicide

Adama Diuron® 900 WDG Herbicide

Ametrex® 800 WG Herbicide

Atradex® WG Herbicide

Atrizon 900WG Herbicide

Barrage® Herbicide

Basagran® Post-Emergence Herbicide

Betanal® Flow Herbicide

Bobcat® Combi WG Herbicide

Bobcat® SL Herbicide

Bolt™ 200 EC Herbicide

Broadstar® Herbicide

Bromicide® 200 Selective Herbicide

Bronco® 400 Herbicide

Dictate® 480 Post-Emergence Herbicide

Dictate® M60 Herbicide

Diurex® WG Herbicide

Dropp® UltraMAX™ Cotton Defoliant

Escalate® UltraMax Cotton Defoliant

Farmozine® 900 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Atragen 900 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Bromo 200 Herbicide

Genfarm Bromoxynil 200 Selective Herbicide

Genfarm Cyanazine 900 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Diuron 900WG Herbicide

Genfarm Hexazinone 250 SL Herbicide

Genfarm Ioxynil 250 Herbicide

Genfarm Marauder 480 SC Selective Herbicide

Genfarm Metragen 750 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Metribuzin 750 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Simagen 900 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Simazine 900 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Terbuthylazine 875 WG Herbicide

Genfarm Terbutryn 500 SC Herbicide

Genfarm Turbo 875 WG Herbicide

Gesagard® 500 SC Liquid Herbicide

Gesaprim® Granules Herbicide

Graslan® Herbicide

Grunt 750 WDG Herbicide

Igran® 500 Flowable Liquid Herbicide

Juggler® 700 Residual Herbicide

Kelpie® A-Zine 900 Herbicide

Kelpie® A-Zine Easy Flow 600 SC Herbicide

Kelpie® D-Ron 900 WG Herbicide

Kelpie® S-Zine 900 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Bromoxynil 200 Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Diuron 900 WG Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Kenpanil NF 360 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Metribuzin 750 WG Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Simazine 900 WG Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Timberwolf 875 WG Herbicide

Linurex® Flowable Herbicide

Maya® Herbicide

Mentor® WG Herbicide

Prometrex® 900 WG Herbicide

Prometryn 900 DF Herbicide

Relyon Bromoxynil 400 Herbicide

Relyon Ioxynil 250 Herbicide

Relyon Simagen 900 WG Herbicide

Relyon Terbuthylazine 875 WG Herbicide

Sencor® 480 SC Selective Herbicide

Simagranz® Herbicide

Simanex® 900 WG Herbicide

Terbazine 875 WG Herbicide

Terbutrex® Herbicide

Titan Atrazine 500 Flowable Herbicide

Titan Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide

Titan Bromoxynil 200 Selective Herbicide

Titan Diuron 900 WG Herbicide

Titan Fluometuron 900 WG Herbicide

Titan Hexazinone SL Herbicide

Titan Metribuzin 750 WG Herbicide

Titan Simazine 900 WG Herbicide

Titan Tebuthiuron Aerial Herbicide

Titan Tebuthiuron Herbicide

Titan Terbuthylazine 875 WG Herbicide

Titan Terbutryn 500 SC Herbicide

Titan Thidiazuron + Diuron Cotton Defoliant

Tomahawk® Herbicide

Totril® Selective Herbicide

Uragan® WG Herbicide

Velcat® 250SL Herbicide

Labeled Weeds, Insects & Diseases