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4Farmers 2,4-D Amine 625 Herbicide

4Farmers 2,4-D IB Ester 800 Herbicide

4Farmers 2,4-D LV Ester 680 EC Selective Herbicide

4Farmers Clopyralid 300 Selective Herbicide

4Farmers Clopyralid 750 SG Herbicide

4Farmers Dicamba 500 Selective Herbicide

4Farmers Fluroxypyr 200 Herbicide

4Farmers LVE MCPA 570 Herbicide

4Farmers MCPA 750 Selective Herbicide

4Farmers MCPA/Picloram Cereal Herbicide

4Farmers Tri-Pick Herbicide

4Farmers Triclopyr 600 Herbicide

4Farmers Triclopyr 755 Herbicide

Access® Herbicide

Adama 2,4-D Amine 625 Herbicide

Adama 2,4-D LV Ester 680 Herbicide

Adama LVE MCPA 570 Herbicide

Adama MCPA 750 Herbicide

Agritone 750 Selective Herbicide

Agsure 2,4-D Amine® 625 Herbicide

Amicide® Advance 700 Selective Herbicide

Amine 625 Selective herbicide

Archer® 750 Dual Salt Liquid Herbicide

Archer® Herbicide

Baton® Low Herbicide

Buttress® Selective Herbicide

Cadence® Herbicide

Canvas® 750 Selective Herbicide

Cobber® 475 Herbicide

Comet® 400 Herbicide

Conqueror® Herbicide

Corasil™ Plant Growth Regulator

Cutlass® 500 Herbicide

Cutlass® M Herbicide

Drive® XL Herbicide

Empress™ 2,4-DB Herbicide

Enforcer® 242 Cereal Herbicide

Enforcer® 75-D Herbicide

Estercide® Xtra 680 Herbicide

Esteron® LV Herbicide

FallowBoss® TORDON® Herbicide

Fightback® Herbicide

Finito® LVE 570 Herbicide

Flagship® 400 EC

Flotilla® Herbicide

ForageMax® Arylex® active Herbicide

Garlon® 600 Herbicide

Garlon® FallowMaster® Herbicide

Genfarm 2,4-D Amine 300 Herbicide

Genfarm 2,4-D Amine 625 Herbicide

Genfarm 2,4-D LV Ester 680 Herbicide

Genfarm Clopyralid 300 Herbicide

Genfarm Clopyralid 600 Herbicide

Genfarm Clopyralid 750 SG Herbicide

Genfarm Dicamba 500 Selective Herbicide

Genfarm Fluroxypyr 200 Herbicide

Genfarm Fluroxypyr 400 EC Herbicide

Genfarm Fluroxypyr 400 Herbicide

Genfarm Gen-Amine 625 Herbicide

Genfarm LV Ester 600 Herbicide

Genfarm LV MCPA 570 Herbicide

Genfarm LVE MCPA 500 Herbicide

Genfarm McPik 242 Cereal Herbicide

Genfarm Triclopyr 600 EC Herbicide

Genfarm Triclopyr/PIC Herbicide

Grando® 600 Herbicide

Grazon® Extra Herbicide

Insight® 300 Herbicide

Insight® 750SG Herbicide

Kamba® 500 Selective Herbicide

Kamba® 750 Selective Herbicide

Kamba® M Selective Herbicide

Kelpie® A-Mine 625 Herbicide

Kelpie® MCPA LVE 570 EC Herbicide

Kenso AgCare 570 LVE MCPA Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Bucko 242 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Bucko 75-D Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Dicamba 500 Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Fluroken 333 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Amine 625 Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Amine 720 Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Ester LV 680 Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Star 450 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Trel 300 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Trel 750 SG Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Ken-Zon Herbicide

Kenso AgCare MCPA 750 Selective Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Prairie 755 Herbicide

Kenso AgCare Triclopyr 600 Herbicide

LVE 600 MCPA Herbicide

LVE Agritone® Selective Herbicide

Lontrel® 750 SG Herbicide

Lontrel® Advanced Herbicide

MCPA 250 Selective Herbicide

Optane® LV 680 Herbicide

Performa™ 500 Herbicide

Performa™ M Herbicide

Picoflex™ Herbicide

Pictric™ Herbicide

Pixxaro® Arylex® active Herbicide

Ramdon® 242 Herbicide

Ramdon™ 75-D Herbicide

Relyon 2,4-D Amine 625 Selective Herbicide

Relyon Fluroxypyr 400 EC Herbicide

Safari® 750 EC Herbicide

Scout® 750 Herbicide

Starane® Advanced Herbicide

Statesman® 720 Herbicide

Titan 2,4-DB 500 SL Herbicide

Titan Amine 300 AC Herbicide

Titan Amine 450 Herbicide

Titan Amine 475 Herbicide

Titan Amine 625 Selective Herbicide

Titan Amine 720 Herbicide

Titan Clopyralid 300 Herbicide

Titan Clopyralid 750SG Herbicide

Titan Dicamba + MCPA Selective Herbicide

Titan Dicamba 500 Herbicide

Titan Dicamba 700 SG Herbicide

Titan Fluroxypyr 200 EC Herbicide

Titan Fluroxypyr 400 Herbicide

Titan LV Ester 680 Herbicide

Titan LVE MCPA 570 Herbicide

Titan MCPA 500 LVE Selective Herbicide

Titan MCPA 500 Selective Herbicide

Titan MCPA 750 Selective Herbicide

Titan Picloram 75-D

Titan Triclopyr 600 Herbicide

Tordon® 75-D Herbicide

Tordon® Granules Weed and Brush Herbicide

Tordon® RegrowthMaster Herbicide

Trezac® Arylex® active Herbicide

Trix 600EC Herbicide

Trooper® 242 Herbicide

Trooper® 75-D Herbicide

Ubeniq® Rinskor® active Herbicide

Victory® 750 SG Herbicide

Victory® Herbicide

Victory® IVM Herbicide

Vigilant® II Herbicide

Zephyr® 625 2,4-D Low Odour Herbicide

Zulu® XT Herbicide

Labeled Weeds, Insects & Diseases