Interested in Joining Our Team?

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Outstanding companies are built by outstanding people.
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Why Our Work Matters

Agriculture touches nearly every aspect of modern society, from the food we eat, to the energy that fuels our vehicles, to the clothing we wear. Agriculture has been here since the start of human civilization and has evolved over centuries with each technological advancement. Today, however, farmers face great challenges.

What We Do

The modern farmer faces a wide range of complex issues every day. They spend time tending to soils, tracking crop growth cycles and operating heavy machinery, while keeping an eye on financial budget.

The FBN network helps level the playing field for farmers with unbiased information, profit enhancing farm analysis, network buying power and new crop marketing opportunities.

With the use of data-analytics, farmers are able to make data-driven decisions and obtain objective information on their seeds, soil and fertility on their farms and other farms around them, anonymously. We’re also helping farmers to rethink their crop marketing planning and execution, reduce their risk through data-backed crop insurance and reduce their health coverage costs. We’re a one-stop shop to help their business thrive.


Our Story

The FBN Network came about when farmers wanted to develop an independent, unbiased and objective farmer-driven information source — no marketing fluff, just the facts on raw performance. By working together, these farmers knew they could learn vastly more than by looking only at their own farms, thereby unlocking the true power of the precision farm data they’d paid for. When these innovative farmers met with technologists, scientists and entrepreneurs, this dream became a reality - Farmers Business Network. Now, what started as the dream of a handful of farmers in 2014, has spread to a network of thousands of the best farmers managing tens of million acres in just a few years. When farmers connect, farmers win - and the services, technology and network keep growing.

Employees in the Field

Life At FBN

As a Silicon Valley and Midwestern based company, we have combined the cultures of community, innovation and integrity into a group of people who are diverse, mission driven and ready to get things done. With operations spanning over 25 states, Canada and Australia, the FBN team covers different cultural landscapes, time zones, educational backgrounds and careers. Seed diversity has always been essential for farmers and people diversity will always be essential for FBN. We work in small teams, where everyone’s voice is valued and heard, as our meritocracy allows the best idea to lend. Being a start-up, we work in a fast-paced environment, but everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand as we all share a common goal, putting Farmers First.

Employee in Building

Perks & Benefits

In Sickness And In Health

We offer a robust medical, dental and vision plans to all full time employees and their families. We even offer discounted pet insurance!

Work Hard Play Harder

Unlimited time off so you can take time off when you need time off. It's important to rest and recharge.

Adulting Time

We care about your future so we offer 401(k), pre-tax benefits, income protection plans and money management tools such as Personal Capital & SoFi.

A Piece of the Pie

All of our full time employees are offered equity as part of their benefits package.

Don’t Be Hangry

We stock a wide range of free foods and beverages in our offices. Whether you’re into fruit or chips we’ve got you covered!

Well, well, well…

We’re committed to wellness and we’re coming up with new and exciting programs that support our employees’ wellbeing.

Head of the Class

Access to personal and professional development is only a click away. We provide both online and in-person development opportunities including regular lunch & learns.

Join FBN Team

The FBN team goes to work everyday to ensure farmers stay profitable while they feed the world.

Farm Born Values

Farmer First

Putting farmers first is more than just a simple tagline at FBN. We honestly think through the impact to farmers regarding every decision we make.

Independent & Unbiased

There are too many conflicting interests in agriculture. We are not aligned with anyone but farmers and we let the aggregated data speak for itself.

Honesty & Trust

Being honest and upfront with our members is of critical importance to us. We work hard to help them meet their business goals.

Democratizing Information

All of the big players in agriculture have had access to all the information they need to keep farmers in the dark. We are helping bring bargaining power back to the farm.

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