How do I export data from a John Deere Greenstar 3 2630 monitor?

  1. Turn off all types of recording and stop the vehicle.

  2. Insert the USB flash drive. You should have at least 1GB of free memory.

  3. The "Data Transfer" page will appear within about 10 seconds.

    • If the USB flash drive isn’t recognized, try the other USB port, reformat the USB flash drive (FAT or FAT32), or try a different USB flash drive.

  4. Select the "Export Data" option. 

  5. Select or create a "profile name" where the data will be stored on the USB. 

    • Don’t use of the following characters (\ / : * ? " < >) when creating a profile name. These will cause the profile to fail to load to a display or Apex.

    • If you export to an existing profile, it will overwrite all setup information and data in that profile except for the documentation files used by the desktop software. 

    • It takes less time when you export repeatedly to the same profile because the documentation files (for example, as-applied and yield map files) that are already in the profile on the USB aren’t exported again.

  6. Select "Begin Transfer".

  7. Export Data from "Gen3 2630".

    • Large data sets may take several minutes to transfer. Power loss or removing the USB during data transfer may cause data loss.

  8. When the data transfer is complete, a message that states "Data transfer is complete" will appear.

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