Community Content Policy

FBN® Community was built to enable civil and informative conversation which allows you to tap into the power of the FBN member knowledge base. To help ensure the forum is as useful as possible for members, we encourage you to keep conversations relevant to agriculture.


  • Please help us build a community rooted in collaborative spirit and mutual respect, where all farmers feel welcome and can participate

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Personally Identified versus Anonymous Postings

You can participate in FBN Community either using the first and last name on your FBN member profile or using an anonymous user ID or ‘handle’.

Unacceptable Behavior includes:

  • Subtle put downs or unfriendly language

  • Name-calling

  • Bigotry

  • Harassment

For a full list of unacceptable behaviors please refer to the “Additional Rule and Restrictions” section of our Terms of Service.


  • Those who don’t follow this content policy in good faith may face repercussions:

    • For most first-time misconduct, authors of offending content will receive a warning

    • Users exhibiting a clear, repetitive pattern of conduct outside this content policy will be suspended or expelled from FBN Community

    • Any other remedy available to us under the Terms of Service