How do yield maps work in FBN maps?

The FBN® Yield Map shows crop yield throughout the field at the time of harvest.

The color range on the map varies from green to yellow to red. Green areas represent higher yield while red areas represent lower yield and yellow areas are somewhere in between. Although the same colors will appear on each yield map, the range of values and percentage of yield is limited to the selected field and will vary from field to field. The colors should not indicate “good” or “bad” yield, but instead should be understood as higher and lower yield compared to the rest of the field. With FBN Yield Maps you can print the map directly from your FBN Account by clicking the Print Map button


Each bar on the histogram bar chart represents the percentage of the field that corresponds to each yield range and color on the map. Red bars represent areas with lower yield, while green bars represent areas with higher yield. Your average yield value is shown above the chart.


Average Yield over the entire field

Vertical Y-Axis

Percentage of Field represented by Yield Range

Horizontal X-Axis

Yield Ranges

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