20 de jan. de 2023

On your computer - After you log in to FBN , click on MARKET in the top navigation. In the app - Tap on the Menu icon at the bottom of the app, and then tap on the MARKET menu to display all the options. How To: Use Market Home on the FBN App

20 de jan. de 2023

If you have questions about the app or need help getting started, reach out to the FBN Customer Success Team. FBN App Support | p: (605) 307-9914

20 de jan. de 2023

FBN is a continually growing network of tens of thousands of farmers using 100% anonymous data-sharing and unbiased benchmarking to generate valuable and trustworthy insights on virtually all aspects of farm operations including optimal farm practices, seed performance, inputs pricing and commodity markets. Some ways members benefit from the network include: Crop Marketing & Operation Management Business specific tools that allow farmers to put their own data to use in managing their business operations. Farm Specific Loans & Financing Ability to apply for financing on desktop or mobile device Easily monitor application statuses

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How does FBN use my data?

20 de jan. de 2023

FBN takes data privacy & protection seriously– and is committed to only using data only to return value back to members. Read more about the FBN Data Protection Commitments. Some specific ways FBN uses your data include, but are not limited to the actions listed below, which are required to provide you with the benefits of the FBN Network: Creating your FBN account Providing you with FBN Network features, such as access to the Crop Marketing platform where you can view bids based on your geographic location, manage your production data while viewing additional at-a-glance details like target breakeven and percent contracted & available. And if you sell to commercial buyers who have partnered with FBN , you can also submit offers directly to their merchandisers/buyers, view your contracts, scale tickets & settlements, and eSign contracts. Providing operational and technical support, including improving or enhancing our products and services to you Communicating with you, such as sending you electronic notifications regarding your grain bid and offers, and for marketing purposes such as offering products and services to you in accordance with applicable law. Conducting research and analytics that help our FBN Members make better decisions on their farms Complying with our legal and regulatory requirements Protecting the rights, property, safety or security of the FBN Network, our FBN Members, employees or others and prevent fraud or illegal activity Enforcing or applying the FBN Terms of Service .

03 de mai. de 2019

It's easy to create sub-accounts on your  FBN ® account for your farm manager, employees, partners, or family members. Creating sub-accounts will allow your team members to log into your  FBN account,  access the FBN mobile app to check prices, local grain bids and satellite imagery, as well as receive SMS polls and updates from FBN . To create a sub-account for your farm, follow these steps: Log into and click on the down arrow next to your initials in the top right corner. In the menu, click  My Team . Then, click on the Add New button, fill in the contact details for your new sub-account and click Submit . Note: Each new account in FBN, including sub-accounts, must have a unique email address. Lastly, click on Manage Permissions to set/add permissions to determine how much of your FBN  account your sub-account can see and do. To view contract/ticket/settlement information from an integrated partner, Profit Center permissions must be selected. Once you set permissions, an email will be sent to the owner of the new sub-account, which will allow them to set a password. How To: Add a Another User to Your FBN Account