What is the prescription accuracy layer on the planting map?

The FBN® Prescription Accuracy Map shows how accurately your planter matched your seeding rate prescription. An accuracy of 100% means that your actual seeding rate exactly matched your prescription. A lower accuracy means that the planter missed its target. Currently, this feature is available to FBN members in the United States and Canada.

The color range on the map varies between light yellow to dark green. Dark green areas represent higher accuracy while light yellow areas represent lower accuracy.

Although the same colors will appear on each prescription accuracy map, the range of values and accuracy is limited to the selected field and will vary from field to field.


Each bar in the histogram bar chart represents the percentage of the field that corresponds to each accuracy percentage range and color on the map. Light yellow bars represent areas with lower accuracy percentage, while dark green bars represent areas with higher accuracy percentage. Your average accuracy percentage value is shown above the chart.

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