Flexible Operating Lines & Input Loans

Qualifying farmers can get an instant approval for revolving operating lines up to $1 million.
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Power Up Your Financing

Choose the right option for your operation with input financing and operating lines from FBN®.

Finance Input Purchases

Add to your FBN Operating Line for even more spending power. Get approved in 1 business day.  

Input financing applies only to FBN input purchases. Fixed rate, non-revolving lines of $10,000 - $300,000 available with no payments due until January 1, 2024.

Do More with FBN Operating Lines

Apply today to receive an instant approval decision.

Purchase inputs from FBN and other vendors. Use your operating line for Ag expenses like rent, equipment, repairs, labor and more. 

Fixed rate, revolving lines of $250,000 - $1 million are available with no payments due until March 1, 2024.


Financing Options

When you upgrade your Input Loan with an Operating Line from FBN® Finance, you’ll have more options to purchase items for your operation. And if you’re looking to maximize your profit potential, qualified farmers can be approved for both loans with up to $1.3M in total spending power.

New Customer Financing Opportunities

Customers who purchase from FBN Direct® for the first time later in the season still have a unique opportunity to access 0% interest financing on inputs upon approved credit, either through a FBN® Finance Input Line or Operating Line of Credit.

0% First 30 Days

No minimum input spend required for standard new customer financing program.

Finance qualifying FBN Direct® input purchases at 0% for your first purchase and any purchases made within 30 days. This 0% offer on items purchased during the 30 day window will remain as long as payment is made on respective financing due dates.

Payments are not due until until January 1, 2024 for Input Financing Lines or March 1, 2024 for Operating Lines.

If minimum spend is not reached to qualify for 0% interest all season long, then the standard interest rate will apply for any purchases made 31 days or later.

0% All Season Long

Qualify for 0% interest on FBN inputs through August 31, 2023 by doing one of the following within 30 days of the first purchase in the program period:

  • Purchase a minimum $20,000 on crop protection, seed, animal health or livestock purchases.

  • Purchase a minimum $5,000 on animal health or livestock feed purchases alone (including shipping and handling for purposes of eligibility).

  • Payments are not due until January 1, 2024 for Input Financing Lines or March 1, 2024 for Operating Lines.

Farm Land Loans with Low Rates

FBN Finance offers ag land loans with great rates, a straightforward online application process and service from experienced loan advisors.



Yes, you can but it depends on the collateral position needed by each lender.

Operating lines require crop production for the collateral, so multi-function crop and livestock operations may be a fit, but single livestock operations are not a good fit.

No. While you can use your operating line to buy inputs from FBN, you can also use it  to purchase products and services not offered by FBN. Buy inputs from other vendors, pay rent, pay for labor and much more.

FBN’s name is not on grain or crop insurance checks.

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Terms and Conditions

Operating Lines: 0% Interest Financing on Inputs

FBN Direct®

Terms and Conditions

*Payments for all amounts owed under the associated FBN® Finance Operating Line of Credit are due March 1, 2024.  If the total balance for all amounts owed is not paid in full by March 31, 2024, interest charges on all purchases of input products made through FBN Direct® between September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023, using an Operating Line of Credit through FBN® Finance will be imposed from the purchase date at the stated (non-promotional) contract rate in the Operating Line of Credit loan agreement.  

FBN Finance, LLC commercial operating lines of credit are offered by FBN Finance, LLC and are available only where FBN Finance, LLC is licensed. Input financing provided in connection with our financing partners. To qualify for a financing offer, a borrower must be a member of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. and meet the underwriting requirements of FBN Finance, LLC and its lending partners. All credit is subject to approval and underwriting. Interest rates and fees will vary depending on your individual situation. Not all applicants will qualify.

FBN Direct products and services and other products distributed by FBN Direct are offered by FBN Inputs, LLC and are available only in states where FBN Inputs, LLC is licensed and where those products are registered for sale or use, if applicable. If applicable, please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status. Nothing contained on this page, including the prices listed should be construed as an offer for sale, or a sale of products. All products and prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Terms and conditions apply.